23: Lindsay Grimm. God, again.

Lindsay Grimm

We just don’t want to get rid of her, we love her that much. Back in our studio today is 4-peater Lindsay Grimm to discuss Matthew’s healthy self-esteem and the pros of positive self-talk, a la Jack Handy. We consider the question: are you comfortable doing things that you totally suck at? It goes completely off the rails, in typical Closed for Logging Fashion, when we start scene work set in a psychologist’s office and at the Sochi Olympics. closedforlogging.com


21: Geodick with Alex Falcone

Alex Falcone

Photo by Hiro Baba

Do you know what mermophobia is? On today’s show we bring on Portland stand-up comic and confirmed mermophobe Alex Falcone. We get him talking about his least favorite topic, along with hotel sex, restaurant eavesdropping, and the bowel regime of centaurs and teahouse patrons.

Alex also hosts the hilarious podcast Read it and Weep.


20: Chunking up the Chain

Crazy-named restaurants and shops in Japan

Do the fears you had in childhood persist into adulthood? Not for Matthew. Definitely for Becky. We discuss childhood games like that classic “punch the Jew,” the hilarity of Japanese signs using questionable English words, and the pros and cons of asking someone to be your friend. closedforlogging.com


19: #MakeTheDuke with Chris Duval

Chris Duval

On today’s episode we explore the video game Dumb Ways to Die and why Matthew is only proficient at games not requiring Dynamic Hand Action. Chris reveals that his dog has a shameful secret. We break down Egg Nog and take it in directions that no man, woman or child has ever dared take it before. Finally, we discuss Bullshit Foods. closedforlogging.com


17: The Buddy System

Matthew breaks his toe and inspires a new trend in urban mobility while Becky reminisces about her college roommate, not so affectionately nicknamed The Avon Lady. In the second segment we discuss how much of an asshole you sound like when you discuss your exercise regimen. Finally, we discuss Becky’s nail biting habit that she recently kicked (with some relapses) and her goal to have the hands of a housewife.


14: Market Penetration with Jen Chiu

Jen Chiu

On today’s episode, we explore whether the stereotype that Asians don’t like hugging is true or false, how to pack the perfect travel bag, Matthew’s creepy dating past, among other titillating topics. We also determine the 4 words/phrases that are forevermore banned from Closed For Logging. closedforlogging.com