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13: Bass Face with Jake Amster

Jake Amster

Matthew’s younger brother, musician Jake Amster, joins us on the show today. We tackle some hard-hitting questions, for example: Who in the band gets the most tail? Can you only make bass face when you are actually playing the bass? What dysfunctional lessons did older brother Matthew teach Jake at an impressionable young age? Finally, we figure out what the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department and Jake’s band could ever have in common.

Staxx Brothers zombie video

Crime Stoppers

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12: Two Jews, One Monkey

In today’s episode, we get to the bottom of canine racism, petition the internets to license folks before they hit the “reply all” button, and determine that showing affection to a pet goldfish is just weird. All of these nationally relevant, scintillating topics of the day, and more!


10: Bangin’ Dicks

What if you could create a concept so ahead of its time that it takes 25 years for people to appreciate it? Take the Prancerciseā„¢ videos, for example: back in 1989, people couldn’t possibly fathom the pure video gold that is captured in those 5 minutes and 1 second. We also discuss Hearing, or the lack thereof, and Procrastination.



8: Space Toilets

In today’s episode Matthew puts his detective cap on and tries to figure out why Satan has infiltrated Becky’s toilet, which leads (naturally) to a discussion on toilets in space, Dick’s burgers, and loading dishwashers like a moron.


5: C*ntface with Marc Schermerhorn


Becky’s poodle Marc Schermerhorn joins us today to discuss his trip to Chengdu, and why “tartlets with pancetta and creme fraiche with madeira-soaked cherries” is the gayest sounding appetizer ever. Later we dish about dinner parties gone awry and our worst jobs ever. Also, Matthew wants you to know that Becky came up with the episode title.