33: Atlas

Matthew lectures Becky on the difference between fantasy and sci-fi as we discuss this week’s Look Inside this Book Club book: Atlas, by Isaac Hooke, a dystopian tale that involves cross-border escapades, long black coats, and lots of robot fornication, or so we fantasized.

Atlas cover

Next episode’s book:

Electra: A Dane and Bones Origins Story, by David Wood and Rick Chesler


32: The Homesman

Closed for Logging is being Born Again. Not Jews for Jesus born again, that was last year. This time we’re being born again as a slightly new podcast. This is the inaugural episode of Look Inside This Book Club, where we read and discuss the free preview of random Kindle best sellers on Amazon. Book club Rules: 1. Thou shall not spend any money. 2. You must actually read the book (c’mon, it’s like 11 pages). 3. Listeners can and should play along. Listen in to The Homesman – now a major motion picture!

Next episode’s book:
Atlas: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00KFQZNEC/


28: Technicolor Yawn with Rachel Belle

Rachel Belle

Part 1: We reach new lows with our discussion of the mile high club, bad dreams, and a litany of what makes us puke.

Part 2: It doesn’t get much cleaner as we delve into Porky pig’s birthday suit, Japanese porn, and unintentional toileting.

Part 3: Matthew meets up with his ex-girlfriend from high school and TELLS ALL, which then digresses into a highly intellectual discussion of Truth or Dare, How to Kiss, and Seven Minutes in Heaven.


26: Hoosegow Rubdown

Which one is Becky's doppelgänger?

Which one is Becky’s doppelgänger?

Does Matthew have a doppelgänger? Please say Ryan Gosling.

Does Matthew have a doppelgänger? Please say Ryan Gosling.

Becky has four doppelgängers. Matthew only has one and wants to murder him. Afterwards, we get massages in prison. Finally we discuss why Becky sounds so grumpy when someone dares to call her. closedforlogging.com


24: Smuggle This with Kim Brauer

She's the bitee, not the biter.

She’s the bitee, not the biter.

Kim Brauer, culinarian and funny lady, regales us with tales from Kuwait, including a shakedown where she had to give up the goods. We also discuss kitchen disasters involving liquid nitrogen and the torturous music that is often played while you rot on hold. closedforlogging.com